Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Real Disaster in Burma is the Government

The Real Disaster in Burma - animated film narrated by Ricky Gervais

Projection onto Waterloo Station Entrance

Home burned in Te Mu Der village on 4 June 2008
Bullets and shells left behind by the Burma Army after the attack

On the 25th June we joined Burma Campaign UK at Waterloo Station where they were projecting a video of the "The Real Disaster in Burma’, a short animated film narrated by Ricky Gervais, onto the entrance of Waterloo station. The animation makes the point that despite the devastating 2nd May Burma cyclone, the real disaster in Burma is the brutal military government and that they continue to terrorize and oppress the people of Burma.

The reality of the animation is only too clear in recent reports and photos from Free Burma Rangers medical teams: see above photos of a Karen home burnt down by the Burma army on 4th June 2008 during the displacement of 1,000 Karen villagers. The Free Burma Rangers article shows further pictures of land-mine victims and Karen village school children having to hide from the Burmese army. The Karen children are in great danger - a previous Free Burma Ranger article tells of a child they had previously treated being captured in December 2008, tortured, ankle tendons cut open, disemboweled and throat cut by the brutal Burma army. Over 3,200 Karen villages have now been destroyed by the Burmese Army, with 200,000 Karen currently hiding from the Burmese army in the jungles of Burma. Almost 150,000 Karen refugees have been living in Thai refugee camps for up to 20 years. As of October 2007, at least 500,000 people were estimated to be internally displaced in the country’s eastern States. This is, however, a conservative figure as no information exists for several parts of the country.

The Real Disaster in Burma - animated film narrated by Ricky Gervais


Burma Army Attacking and Displacing over 1,000 Karen People on 4 June 2008.


Atrocities Continue in Karen State, Burma (13-year-old son Wilbur Htoo tortured and disemboweled)


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