Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Willesden Lane Total Station Protest

On 7th May three protesters demonstrated at Willesden Lane Total Station, 290 Willesden Lane, against Total Oil keeping the brutal Burma junta in power for many years as the largest western support of the evil regime. Total funds the military junta with 500 million dollars a year.

We were able to leaflet many of the cars leaving the station. Some passers-by had already previously seen us at Kilburn in earlier weeks and we had some interesting conversation as they expressed sympathy with the plight of the Burmese.

As well as leafleting people about Total's disgraceful involvement in Burma we also gave them a new leaflet directing people to where Burma Campaign lists links to major charities helping with Burma cyclone relief.

The junta has been more concerned with rigging the results of the May 10th military constitution referendum

Quote from May 6th 2008 The Times Editorial Comment Page 16:
'It was bad enough that the military intended to ensure a "yes" vote through a combination of bribery, intimidation and straightforward rigging that makes Robert Mugabe appear an amateur. The notion that it is still seriously considering continuing with its scheme despite the manifest impracticality of doing so in these circumstances is utterly obscene. The world must do its best to help the Burmese people through this immediate natural disaster. It can only be hoped that in time they will be liberated from the man-made disaster that is their military Government as well'


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