Friday, April 11, 2008

Wrexham crew return to Chester Total garage

From Indymedia:

Members and supporters of Wrexham Women for Peace and Wrexham Peace and Justice Forum visited the TOTAL petrol station in Hoole, Chester again last night as part of the continuing calls for TOTAL to get out of Burma.

There was a very positive response again to our demo for the people of Burma at Hoole TOTAL petrol station. Only a handful of drivers and passers-by refused to take leaflets, the garage forecourt was empty for most of the time we were there, some drivers decided not to fill up after taking the leaflets, and others drove straight in and out.

The air was filled with supportive 'beeps' and we got chatting with several people, including three young guys who have a friend working in one of the refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border, and a German from Rostock who was in Chester for a conference and said he was surprised to see people demonstrating in Britain!

Surprisingly, there was no resistance from the petrol station to our leafleting drivers on the forecourt this time, although when we invaded en masse, the manager did get onto his tannoy.

For more information about the situation in Burma, see

For more photos from this action, see the original report on Indymedia.

Any Chester-based people like to make this event happen more often? Please get in touch. wrexham woman
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