Saturday, December 15, 2007

All we want for Christmas...

An A3 size Christmas Card with over 100 signatures has been posted to Total Holdings UK at 33 Cavendish Square. Sporting a picture of the Nov 24th Baker Street protest and surrounded with "holly", the message inside reads: "Dear Total All we want for Christmas is Total out of Burma. See you in 2008."

A lot of Burmese signed it on Monday at Parliament Square, including the leader of the 88 Student movement just arrived from Thailand and also Ben Rogers of Christian Solidarity Worldwide who has made many visits across the border to "displaced" Burmese and ethnic minorities (see interview here).

33 Cavendish Square refused to accept the card at the front door at Wednesday's protest and their post delivery room at the back of the building was closed for a "book fair" just after they received a phone call from the front desk when we asked them. So yesterday, the card was posted from Redhill, where Total coincidentally have their offices for gas supplies in the UK.

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