Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lewisham Council has Burmese blood on its hands

Sue Luxton, a Green Party councillor, has uncovered nearly £12m invested by Lewisham Council in companies named on the Burma Campaign's 'dirty list', including Total Oil. It includes £11,697,000 in the pension fund plus £171,000 in procurement activity last year.

At 11am on Saturday 20th October she is holding a press call with members of the Burma UK Campaign outside the TOTAL Petrol Station on Whitefoot Lane, Catford, SE6 1TP.

Investments Lewisham Council's Pension Fund holds of those companies named on the Burma Campaign list as at 30th September 2007:

- Chevron, £2,448,000
- China Petroleum, £830,000
- Mitsui OSK, £2,708,000
- PTT, £493,000
- Sumitomo Mitsui, £1,348,000
- Total Oil, £3,870,000
TOTAL: £11,697,000

Procurement activity the Council has undertaken with companies named on the Burma Campaign list in 2006/07 (£'000s):

- Maersk, £12,000
- Siemens, £122,000
- SGS, £5,000
- Total, £32,000
TOTAL: £171,000

GRAND TOTAL = £11,868,000

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